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DNA polymerase I Klenow Fragment (3'→5'exo-)(5U/μL)

Stored at: -20℃

    REF    GSP9191        Spec: 50μL(250U)

                 GSP9192                  100μL(500U)

                 GSP9193                  500μL(2500U)

                 GSP9194                  1000μL(5000U)

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DNA polymerase I Klenow Fragment (3'→5'exo-)(5U/μL)

Klenow (3′→ 5′ exo-) is a mesophic DNA polymerase deficient in both proofreading (3′→ 5′) and nick-translation (5′→ 3′) nuclease activities, and that displays a moderate strand displacement activity during DNA synthesis. The protein is expressed as a truncated product of the E.coli PolA gene and contains the D355A and E357A mutations.

  • Random-primed DNA labeling

  • Labeling by fill-in 5′-overhangs of dsDNA

  • Strand displacement amplification (SDA)

  • DNA sequencing by the Sanger method