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DNA polymerase Ⅰ Klenow Fragment(5U/μL)


Stored at: -20℃

    REF    GSP9161        Spec: 50μL(250U)

                 GSP9162                  100μL(500U)

                 GSP9163                  500μL(2500U)

                 GSP9164                  1000μL(5000U)

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DNA polymerase Ⅰ Klenow Fragment(5U/μL)

Klenow Fragment is a mesophilic DNA polymerase derived from the E. coli Polymerase I. The enzyme exhibits DNA synthesis and proofreading (3′→5′) nuclease activities, and, in the absence of the holoenzyme’s (5′→3′) nuclease domain, displays a moderate strand displacement activity during DNA synthesis.

  • Simple and rapid isothermal reaction speeds up the preparation of plasmid samples for  sequencing

  • High fidelity, strong chain switching activity, suitable for whole genome amplification

  • Cut off the 3 'protruding end or flatten the 5' protruding end to form a flat end

  • Preparation of probes or markers using random primers

  • Synthesis of double stranded DNA in oligonucleotide directed mutagenesis

  • Double deoxygenation method for DNA sequencing (Sanger method)


1. The enzyme synthesis activity is consistent with well-known domestic brands


Fig. DNA extends, fragment length increases, and Tm value increases

2. Excellent database connection performance after flat end construction


Fig. Plasma free DNA was subjected to flat end ligation and then a library was constructed