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T4 UvsY Protein(5mg/mL)

Stored at: -20℃

    REF    GSP9501        Spec: 100μL(500μg)

                 GSP9502                  200μL(1mg)

                 GSP9503                  500μL(2.5mg)

                 GSP9504                  1000μL(5mg)

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T4 UvsY Protein(5mg/mL)

This product is a bacteriophage T4 recombinant regulatory protein. Through structural and biophysical studies, it has been found that the recombinant regulatory protein plays a promoting role in the homologous recombination process of UvsX. When UvsX searches for homologous sequences, it needs to compete for binding sites with single-stranded DNA-binding protein pre bound on single strand DNA, and UvsY protein promotes this competition, which is conducive to the combination of UvsX and single strand DNA. UvsY promotes UvsX recombinase to invade ssDNA single strand binding protein complex, leading to the release of single strand binding protein, thus binding UvsX to single strand DNA. In addition, according to literature reports, this enzyme has single-stranded DNA binding activity.

  • High purity, SDS-PAGE electrophoresis ≥ 90%

  • Strict residue control and guaranteed product quality

  • Good stability, not cleaved by endonucleases

  • DNA isothermal amplification

  • IPA amplification

  • Genetic testing


1. Enzyme activity is basically consistent with well-known domestic brands


Fig. By conducting a constant temperature rapid amplification reaction,the target fragment can be amplified