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Murine RNase Inhibitor(40U/μL)

Stored at: -20℃

    REF    GSP9101        Spec: 50μL(2000U)

                 GSP9102                  100μL(4000U)

                 GSP9103                  500μL(20000U)

                 GSP9104                  1000μL(40000U)

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Murine RNase Inhibitor(40U/μL)

Murine RNase Inhibitor is a recombinant mouse-derived RNase inhibitor expressed and purifified in E. coli in a soluble form. It can extensively inhibit various RNases (RNase A, B, C). Murine RNase Inhibitor has undergone RT-PCR and RT-qPCR tests and is compatible with HiScript II Reverse Transcriptase,HiScript Reverse Transcriptase, M-MLV (RNaseH-) Reverse Transcriptase and various DNA Polymerases. Compared with human-derived RNase inhibitor, mouse-derived RNase inhibitor does not contain two cysteines that are very sensitive to oxidation in human protein, so it has higher antioxidant activity and is more suitable for experiments sensitive to high DTT (Such as qPCR).

  • The enhanced antioxidant capacity will not form the disulfide bonds that  human-derived proteins would produce under oxidative conditions

  • Performs under a wide range of reaction conditions

  • High-purity E. coli soluble expression, no RNase residue, compatible with RT-PCR/qPCR system

  • Protects RNA from degradation at temperatures up to 35°C

  • cDNA synthesis

  • In vitro transcription/translation

  • Separation and purification of mRNA protein complex

  • Identification of specific RNase activity


1. RNase Inhibitor can effectively inhibit RNase activity