Highly Competitive Performance - High Throughput, Excellent Sample Preservation Rate & Detection Sensitivity

Proteinase K (Solution)

Stored at: 4℃

    REF    GSP9241        Spec: 1mL

                 GSP9242                  1mL x 5

                 GSP9243                  1mL x 10

                 GSP9244                  50mL

                 GSP9245                  100mL

                 GSP9246                  200mL

                 GSP9247                  500mL

                 GSP9248                  1L

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Proteinase K (Solution)

Highly characterized for more consistent performance, Proteinase K is a subtilisin-related serine protease that will hydrolyze a variety of peptide bonds. It is a key reagent for DNA extraction.

  • Strong activity, stable in urea and SDS; 

  • Heat resistant denaturation, able to maintain activity at high temperatures; 

  • High purity, without RNase and DNase.

  • Isolation of plasmid and genomic DNA;

  • Isolation of RNA; 

  • Inactivation of RNases, DNases and enzymes in reactions;

  • Removal of enzymes from DNA to improve cloning efficiency.