Highly Competitive Performance - High Throughput, Excellent Sample Preservation Rate & Detection Sensitivity

Automatic Nucleic Acid Extractor

Model:GS-AutoNA32  GS-AutoNA96

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  Automatic Nucleic Acid Extractor

  • Wide adaptability

Can match the deep hole plate of different manufacturers

  • Freedom in quantity

Samples of 32/96 persons can be taken at the same time

  • Efficient extraction 

High extraction yield (greater than 95%)

  • Precise temperature control

Accurate temperature control from room temperature to 120°C to ensure stability between batches 

  • Security

UV lamp disinfection and sterilization that prevent cross contamination

  • Easy to use

Free programming, touch screen operation, results can be obtained within 20 min

  Working principle


Automatic nucleic acid extractor uses oscillating and mixing magnetic beads, magnetic beads transfer and separation through a magnetic device to achieve the purpose of extracting and purifying sample nucleic acid.



Dimensions400mm×400mm×450mm550mm ×610mm ×512mm
Weight35 Kg51 kg
Heating temperature32 pieces96 pieces
Well Plate type1-321-96
Magnetic beads recovery rate>98%
Heating temperatureroom temperature to + 120 ℃
Well Plate type96-well deep well plate
Operation interfaceChinese/English Android system touch operation
Internal proceduresCan store> 500 programs
Processing volume30~1000 μL
Shock mixingMulti-level adjustable
UV irradiationHave
ProgramNew, edit, and delete mode programs